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Fleet Management System

IoT Based Tracking Solution

Reducing cost and maximizing fleet utilization are the keys for logistics industries. InfoTrack helps you to analyze driving behavior to reduce idling time and enforce safety driving. You can also plan efficient route and time schedules to maximize fleet utilization.

Our world class fuel solution provides accurate levels and alerts for any pilferages.

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Reduce Fuel Cost by


Reduce Maintenance Cost by


Optimise your fleet by


*Based on case studies of various customers


Customisable Dashboards for monitoring real time information of the fleet

Dynamic Trip module to have real-time data of ongoing trips

Providing accurate odometer readings for billing purposes

Trip Scheduling and Planning Modules

Accurate fuel readings and MIS reports with graph

Vehicle performance reports

Driver Performance and Behaviour reports

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Communication Module

The communication module is backbone of the application and it does all communications between the control room and vehicle mounted TCU.

This uses proprietary messaging protocol while sending and receiving the message to ensure that data transmitted in highly secured manner while using public network.

This module uses GPRS/PRN/Satellite network for data transmission and those areas where GPRS coverage is not available, it has SMS fall back mechanism.

Control Room Module

The communicated data through the GPRS/PRN/Satellite network would reach the communication server in the control room.

The control room module takes care of Over-The-Air commands. These commands such as status request, changing polling interval and setting configurations. The data received from the TCU is pushed to database server by the communication server.

The application server contains the software needed to track vehicles loaded with TCU. The latitude and longitude are integrated with map of the place which provides position of the vehicle in the map on your computer.

Reporting Module

All basic reports are available as part of the solution

Customised reports availability as per the business needs.

Mail scheduler for automatic report generation and sent via Email automatically on time.

Optional availability of Auto Email Scheduler for customers to build their own MIS reports.

Mobile App

InfoLocate v3.0


Intuitive dashboard for quick glance of entire fleet with graphical pie chart.

Travelled Path

History tracking with animated travelled path on map.

Map View

View entire fleet on map with status icons.


Video Streaming

Live video streaming, snapshot, record and download videos with our most advanced MDVR Solutions.

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Vehicle Status

Status of vehicle, sensors data and map view on your finger tips. Share vehicle status instantly via SMS, Email, Whatsapp and more.

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