Customised Solution for HazMat Transport

IoT Based Critical Logistics Management

InfoVision is a web and mobile based solution designed and built for companies transporting hazardous materials.

Our world class hardware and software combination provides Live Video Streaming, Driver Behaviour with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) which detects Fatigue, Distraction, Smoking, Talking on Phone etc. and alerts driver with audio/buzzer sound and seat vibration in real-time. All these video alerts are automatically pushed to web portal for driving analytics which can be used for driver guidance.

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Video Monitoring: The most advanced MDVR provides Live Streaming, Video Alerts and Incident Data in real-time.

Driver Assistance: ADAS alerts driver for Fatigue, Distraction, Smoking, Talking on Phone etc. in real-time.

Driver Behaviour: Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking and Sharp Turn alerts are pushed automatically to the backend for driver guidance.

On Demand Video: Videos can be downloaded based on requested duration for incident analysis.

Automated Report: MIS reports for monitoring Trips, Operations, Driver Duty Hours etc.

Live Streaming

Event Data with Video


Surround View Setup

Left View

Cabin View

Rear View

Front View

Right View

InfoLocate v3.0

App Features

Live Tracking

Live Video Streaming

Record and Save Videos on Mobile

Capture Screenshot

View Alerts

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If you are existing InfoLocate v2.0 user, please uninstall and download the latest InfoLocate v3.0

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Earth Support Co. Ltd. Japan

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