Ready Mix Concrete Fleet Management System

IoT Based RMC Solution

InfoRMC FMS is a web and mobile based solution, this solution helps in planning and automating the needs of the movement of RMC trucks.

With world-class hardware and high graded and rugged, specially designed sensors for harsh environments and operations such as Rotation Sensor, Water-flow Sensor and Temperature Sensor providing accurate details of every movement which is required to monitor shelf life of the concrete.

RFID provides driver identification and work hour reports and two-way voice communication provides flexibility to interact with the driver on the move.

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Horizontal Connectivity of all ready mix customers for efficient supply chain management and improvising service delivery which enhances customer experience.

Vertical Connectivity linking the service provider and the assets through an efficient decision making Fleet Management System to enhance productivity and minimise losses considering the low shelf life of ready mix concrete.

Automation of Order Processing, Planning and Delivery with real-time communication to centralized fleet management system.

Automated MIS reports for monitoring health of the Fleet, Plant, Uptime, Asset Utilization, Maintenance History, Loading/Unloading, Pump and Fuel Utilization.

11. Washing

10. Left Site

9. Pouring


1. Idle

2. Queuing

8. Onsite

7. Unauthorised Stops

3. In Plant

6. Enroute

5. Weighing

4. Loading/Batching

Process Cycle

O Water Flow


O Rotation



O Voice Kit


O Panic Button

On Board Hardware

InfoRMC Advantage


Centralised Hosting on Cloud

24/7 Command Centre and Hotline Support

Secure Communication Methods

Flexible APIs to Synchronise Data from Legacy Systems

Integration to Handhelds for Seamless Meta Data Communication

Customisable Workflow based on Operation Requirements


Upto 99% visibility of your assets

Upto 98% deliverability of concrete at job site on-time

Upto 95% enhancement to the dispatchers capability of dispatching the fleet

Upto 95% accuracy to ascertain the status of each construction site and truck

Upto 90% reduction in vehicle abuse, reckless driving and excessive idling

Upto 20% reduction in CO2 emission

Upto 90% recovery of loss or stolen equipment, generators and vehicles


24/7 Live tracking of the fleet, assets and personnel

Single user interface for supply chain and fleet management

Vehicle over speeding, harsh breaking and rapid acceleration

Diesel consumption, filling and pilferage monitoring

Ability to arrange assets per projects or groups

Scheduled reports and instant alerts

Dynamic ETA and alert mechanism for customers and stake holders

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